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Mail:        iMove Enterprises Pty Ltd
               POBox 2167
               Regency Park SA 5942

Phone:    +61 (0)8 7082 3710



To help us with your enquiry and accelerate the process, please supply as much information as possible:

For example Labelling enquiry:

- Labeller 
    (Pressure Sensitive/Self Adhesive, Wet-Gum, Roll-Fed/Wrap-around,
     or combination of PS & WG)
- Preferred style (Servo or Cam)
- Speed of the Line/Filler
- Bottle dimension(s) - if possible bottle drawings
- Number of labels to be applied
- Label dimension(s) - if possible label drawings
- Bottle orientation required (Yes/No)
- Label presence check required (Yes/No)
- Reject system required (Yes/No)
- Marking system required (Yes/No)
    If yes, Ink or Laser

Alternatively download attached document and return by Fax or Email to our office.
Fill in the form to the right with a description of your enquiry

Jens Braun,
Oct 16, 2010, 6:16 PM