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Cryogenic 2011

With our Partner Validek Pty Ltd  we complement
our service and supply with
Cryogenic systems and solutions
manufactured and designed by
VBC - Vacuum Barrier Corportation

As the leading manufacturer for Cryogenic systems
VBC's range of products comprises
- Liquid Nitrogen Dosing systems,
- Vacuum insulated Lines (flexible, semi-flexible),
- Phase Separator - single & multiple outlets
- FLE, PLV, Dewar Filling Stations
and more....
The vacuum insulation can be provided in either
dynamic or sealed style.

Industries that benefit of Cryogenic systems is
- Food,
- Beverage,
- Pharmaceutical,
- Semiconductor
- Manufacturing.

Please visit also the VBC website to review the complete
range of products and services.

For enquiries please contact us:

Some product brochures are attached for review & download
at the bottom of the page.

Movie showing PET bottle pressurisation @20kbph
System used Easy Doser