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develops and manufactures labelling machines using flexible and modular construction for all traditional and trendsetting labelling requirements.
In the process, Gernep focus their attention on the highest design accuracy, high machine availability, problem-free operation, and an economical and prompt installation and spare parts service.
Their custom-made labelling machines ensure attractive and sales-promoting product designs in the beverage and food industries and right up to the non-food sector.

Our Possibilities are almost without Limits 

Thanks to the modular design of our machine housing and different labelling units for wet gluing, hot glue and self-adhesive labelling, our labelling machines are able to optimally meet demanding layout requirements. Our labelling machines are representative of precision machine construction – Made in Germany.

Every customer is a new challenge for us – one that we gladly accept and satisfy.

Innovative labelling machines for the rising labelling requirements of tomorrow

Based on our modular element system for the basic machines, our machines provide everything you need for traditional or future labelling tasks.

Cold Glue Labelling

Self-Adhesive Labelling

Combined Wet Glue and Self-Adhesive Labelling

Hot Glue Wrap-Around Labelling

Together with our installation and spare parts service and the flexibility low cost expansion of our labelling machines at a later stage, GERNEP will remain your reliable partner for years.