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Video Library

Collection of various labelling  applications.
Gernep manufactures Labelling machines for small, medium and large production scale.
Speed range can cover 1500 - 60000 bph production.
All machines can be of cam or servo design. A unique segmented cam design by Gernep has the advantage for simple modification at a later time by "segment" exchange instead of complete cam replacement.
The servo technology used is of the latest generation of servo drives, and the control completely integrated in one controller.

Rollfed Labeller - single bottle mode

Rollfed Labeller single/continuous mode

PS Labeller - 3 Stations

PS Labeller with Tax-banderole

Wet-Gum Labeller w. orientation & tamper evidence

Wet-Gum Labeller - high speed version - beer line

Rollfed Labeller showing Nozzle System

Rollina Wrap-Around Labeller - lower speed

Wet-Gum Labeller - "odd-shape" bottle

Wet-Gum Labeller "head-feed" design - beer line

Rollfed Labller Display of single bottle labelling.
Gernep was the first manufacturer that was able to run Rollfed machines without large requirements for in-feed accumulation.
The bottles were held back on purpose for demonstration.

Rollfed machine; Display of dispensing station mode change (at the beginning of the video) from individual (single label) dispensing mode to continuous mode.
The machine is changing between single and continuous mode whatever is required by the bottle flow.

Self adhesive Labeller (Labetta SK) with 3 stations.
The label sensor is able to detect paper, plastic and clear labels with the same sensor. Re-wind station is positive driven by stepper motor, eliminating tear of the backing-paper.

Self-adhesive Labeller with Taxation banderole applicator placed on the out-feed. Taxation application in Wet-Gum format.

Wet-Gum Labeller with in-feed star bottle orientation for a swing-top bottle that requires a tamper evidence on the seal.
Therefore, front-label and tamper evidence seal are aligned.
In-feed star orientation is a "special" change part and can be retro-fitted. It also saves space on the turret and the machine does not require servo-drive bottle plates.

Wet-Gum Labeller of faster Line speed (up to 50kbph) installed in beer line.

Display of Glue-nozzle application patent pending Design by Gernep. A smaller machine showing the nozzle technology as well as the label application.
    - No glue burning
    - Clear Label application (no label look)
    - Less glue consumption
    - No glue fiber in the machine (clean application)

Rollina Labeller for wrap-around labelling of pre-cut (paper) labels. Low speed machine on water bottles.

Wet-Gum application of an odd-shape bottle.
An example of possible application variety available.

Labeller with different bottle feed design. A "head" machine enables the Labeller to be placed on the "outside" of the Line layout.