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Leakage VLV clean-port simulation


D-Seat VLV simulation

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is one of the leading German manufacturers of process plant equipment for the food and beverage industry. Founded in 1937 in Knittlingen, Germany, KIESELMANN started to produce high quality process valves and fittings, expanded into food process engineering in the early 60's and has steadily grown ever since.
Today, KIESELMANN is a well established, medium-sized company with 220 employees, exporting into more than 40 countries around the world.

KIESELMANN delivers tubes, components and valves in stainless steel for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as biotechnology.

The scope of services of Kieselmann Engineering includes planning, production and installation, from individual units to complex process plant construction.

      Sample pigging system design

The company products and services include the following: 


  • tubes 
  • fittings 
  • bends 
  • butterfly valves 
  • single seat valves 
  • double seat valves 
  • ball valves 
  • safety valves 
  • tank top equipments 
  • swing bend panels 
  • valve manifolds 
  • pigging systems    
  • heat exchangers
  • pumps
                                            Hygienic "pig" in standard 90deg bend

Engineering services: 

Design, manufacture, assembly 
and commissioning of stainless 
steel plants for liquid handling 
processes, i.e. 
- CIP/SIP - systems 
- Complete cellar installations 
- HGB systems 
- Pasteurizers 
- Aeration/deaeration systems 


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