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KS CONTROL is one of the most agile and innovative companies in production automation and control systems in the food & beverage industry.

For more than 25 years, KS Control has solved complex tasks in industrial processes measurement, control, and instrumentation for machines, systems, and logistics systems.  In the process, project management has been the basis of our success.

KS CONTROL – Inspection Systems, Labelling and Packaging Control Systems, Made in Germany

Due to experience in control systems, optical systems, and machine construction for the food & beverage industry, we have developed machines and aggregates for all the control tasks required and comply with the state of the art modern control and machine construction technology.

Research & Development, design and manufacturing is all in house, which ensures high quality standards.

The following is presenting an extract of the production program:
  • Inspection machines
for sidewall inspection, seal face inspection for crown corks and threaded seals, base inspection, thread inspection, and caustic solution inspection, HF and IR
  • Full packaging check
  • Full crate check
  • Fill level check
  • Seal check
  • Label check
  • Empty pallet control

Also custom made system are manufactured where required.

All control aggregates are characterised by modular construction, easy operation, and contact-free data collection.

The systems can usually be integrated into existing systems without major modifications.

In addition KS Control design & commissions automation system for other manufacturers or end customers.

Please find some product video's on the KS Control YouTube Channel here:

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