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Since 1993 roTeg has specialised in palletising technology of automated systems in the form of the PARO® palletising robot.
Due to its modular construction the PARO® system can achieve palletising solution in a very small footprint.
The technology is not limited to any particular industry, but rather can be adopted in any environment for a vast variety of applications. A 4-axis design will control the handling of your goods. 

The heart of the machine is the gripper that fulfills the task of the robot. Design and construction of the gripper are different for the indivi
dual task given by the application.
The range reaches from simple vacuum grippers to complex gripping solutions for open trays, bags, buckets, batteries, small drums (canisters), bottles or cans. Further development achieved the complete layer "sweep-off" solution for bottles and cans that created the robot solution DERO®. 
Empty pallet as well as slip-sheet handling is possible to integrate in the palletising or de-palletising process.

In house design and construction is ensuring a quality product for the customer.

Drum/canister gripper                    Clamping gripper

Bagging gripper                                Mutli gripper
Bagging Gripper

It is also possible to handle different products or shapes with a Multi gripper design. Multi grippers are designed for the specific applications.

The PARO® control system is intuitive and trendsetting via Touch-panel, where the operator can select, operate, and configure the robot.

Latest control components such as IPC and CAN-Bus facilitates the integration of any kind of periphery (bar-code scanner,
weighing systems, conveyor systems, and more) into the PARO®-Control system.

Included in the scope of supply is the PARO® -Pack packing scheme generator. A user friendly graphic interface is
simplifying the layer pattern design process for either editing of an exisitng layer-pattern or creation of a new one.