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Video Library

Various PARO® and DERO® applications for review.
All system can be provided with either a manual or automatic pallet exchange.
Product feed to the robot is automated via the approriate feed system (ie. carton conveying, bucket transport, etc). The final in-feed segment to the Paro or Dero is always controlled by the machine.

More applications and/or special applications are on the extended library under Video Library 2

You can also review more videos / applications on the roTeg web-site here:

DERO®  systems

Complete Layer depalletising for glass (ie. jams, olives, etc);
Installation including two Depalletising positions
System install from 2001 - Food industry

DeRo glass- Food

Complete Layer depalletising for glass (jams, olives, etc);
Glass diameter of identical dimensions (neck) with bellow gripper;
Two depalletising positions;
Install from 1996 - Food Industry

DeRo glass - Food Industry

DERO® by roTeg; complete Layer sweep-off with cardboard hood removal (slip-sheet); Odd shape glass bottle (rectangular);
Workshop commissioning video;

DeRo Glass - Food

Glass depallatising (sweep-off) and slip-sheet removal;
Install in 2005 Chemical industry.

DeRo Glass - Chemical

PARO® by roTeg; Empty pallet handling of stack placed on floor or Conveyor;
Showing how the machine adjust if stack of pallets is not alligned proberly
Workshop demo 2011

PARO empty pallet handling

PARO® systems

PARO® by roTeg: Full carton palletising with dual suction gripper;
Two palletising positions;
Install 2004 Beverage Industry

PARO - cartons - Beverage

PARO® by roTeg: Full carton palletising with suction gripper;
Eleven palletising positions;
Install 2003 Chemical Industry

PARO - Cartons - Chemical

PARO® by roTeg: Bag palletising;
Automatic pallet exchange; bags of 25kg;
Install 2005 Food Industry

PARO - Bags - Food

PARO® by roTeg: Open Tray palletising;
Multiple or single tray gripping; Interlock layer patterns
Install 2003 Food Industry

PARO - Open Tray - Food

PARO® by roTeg: Open Tray palletising;
Multiple gripping;
Install 2003 Dairy Industry

PARO - Open Tray - Dairy