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Video Library 2

More Video's of PARO®  palletising solutions.
Some special applications feature pre-stacking system of buckets, multi can/tin gripper, car battery handling and more.
The overall selection of videos will present the variety of applications and industries that benefit of the space saving design of PARO® Robot Palletising and DERO® de-palletising systems. Food, Wine, Dairy industry to name a few.
In addition the large variety of standard and special Grippers is presented.

Factory Pre-commissioning of Party-Keg application for Bitburger Brewery
Empty pallet feed robot on same track to enable continuous motion when in production

Party Keg palletising

PARO® by roTeg:
Bucket Palletising; Bucket Gripper of up to three buckets at a time; Pre-stacking station with orientation and Layer-sheet application
Install 2009, Food Industry

PARO - Bucket Special

PARO® by roTeg:
Bucket palletising; "Edge-gripper" with detection and orientation
Install 2008 Chemical Industry

PARO - Bucket

PARO® by roTeg:
20l Drum and Carton Palletising; Special gripper for Drum (canister) and Carton
Application including Inter-layer sheet applicator
Install 2005, Chemical Industry

PARO - Drum & Carton

PARO® by roTeg:
Barrel Palletising; Barrel (200l drum) gripper with lock detection and fall protection for hazardous goods
Install 2006, Chemical Industry

PARO - Barrel

PARO® by roTeg: Car Battery palletising;
Car Battery gripper
Install 2009

PARO - Car Battery

PARO® by roTeg:
Cheese Carton Palletising; Multi carton size gripper, with Slip-sheet placement
Three palletising positions of three feed lanes
Install 2010, Dairy Industry

PARO - Multi Case

PARO® by roTeg:
Chocolate bars Palletising; Multi Gripper for different cases/cartons sizes including
an Interlayer-sheet application
Install 2008, Confectionery Industry

PARO - Confectionary

PARO® by roTeg:
Can Palletising;15kg Can/Tin (x5) Gripper (each lift equals 75kg) with Slip-sheet application
Install 2007, Food Industry

PARO - Can (Wholesale)

PARO® by roTeg:
Wine Carton Palletising; Single Carton Gripper
Install 2002, Wine / Beverage Industry

PARO - Wine

PARO® by roTeg:
CD Cover Palletising; Clamp Gripper; 5 pallet positions
Install 2003,

PARO - CD Covers