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Automation Service

Collection of automation samples or automation control systems.
Sample of a PLC based control system with Touch-screen control that is connected on a Industrial network enabling remote control via PC/Laptop connected on the network. In addition wireless connection setup is possible too.
Touch-screen can access individual or multiple PLC's.
Password protected and either with view only or view and control capability.

Remote HMI explained

Filter Skid

Two "Train" Filter skid's


Overhaul work

The following will display an overhaul of a Centrifuge control.
Where some items were replaced with new (ie. New PLC, HMI, contactors, PS, etc), while others have been re-used like Panel, Main-Switch, etc.


Water Cooling Circulation System

The Cooling system is used during vintage for cooling red-ferments after the crushing process. Cold water is stored in a small buffer and will be circulated on demand through the Fermenter jackets.

The images below will show brief overview and Control Panel


Custom Matrix

Valve Matrix control (panel, wiring & automation) of client supplied based Matrix